Domain hosting Full concept

3 Aug

Domain hosting Full concept.

Domain is a name of a website such as  or

Domain name all time should be unique.

Suppose you have a Domain or website like, No other people or organization will have the same domain name all over the world.

You also can’t take a domain name which one already taken by others.

ICANN is an organization, which registers every unique Domain name only one time over the world.

ICANN provide Reseller over the world to register the Domain name and we buy a Domain name from reseller such as Godaddy or others local provider.


What is Hosting?

Hosting is one kind of space in the web (WWW) where we put our web site ( with a fixed space.

To clear the concept, we can compare the idea with a Book self.

There is some space in the self, where we put Book or others things.

Now we can compare to hosting with the space where we put Book in the Book self.

So, www is a book self, hosting is a fixed space in that book self. And domain (website) is the book.

And Domain is name of the book which put in book self.

There are some kinds of Hosting package such as-

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting


1 . Shared Hosting: This is a reliable Hosting package comparatively. Suppose you are a student and it’s expensive to rent a compartment in a city to live.

So you can choice the next option, take a sit in a compartment where 2 or 3 or more student living with every single bed.

Shared hosting is same, if you choice this package for your website, your site will host in a server with others sites.

Personal websites, small business sites and those sites, which have no many visitors. There are some advantage and disadvantage with Shared Hosting.



  1. The best advantage with lower price and this is the reason to keep attraction of maximum buyers.
  2. No problem of technical maintenance and that`s why 90% websites host in shared hosting.
  3. No need the skills of Linux server maintenance.
  4. All shared hosting provider offer this package with a system so that user can handle it easily.
  5. It will save your time and remove your headache because someone is handling this server; however this is preferred for smaller websites.



  1. It is not perfect to carry big traffic presser.
  2. Limited resource and handled by others, so you can`t handle according to your satisfaction.
  3. You can be affected of other`s illegal activities, whose site are hosted in same server.
  4. If too much website host in the same server where you hosted your site may speed will reduce.
Domain hosting Full concept

Domain hosting Full concept

There is a similarity between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting. The similar is, both come from one physical server.

One physical server virtually divide into some part about VPS hosting with all resources .

But about shared hosting, one physical server virtually divide into too many part and all resources are not available there.

There are some advantage and disadvantage of share hosting, but when you decide to take site then try to understand which kinds hosting are perfect for you.

If you choice out of shared hosting you have to have a good technical knowledge to handle the related server.


2 .  VPS Hosting:  Virtual Private Server ( VPS). It’s called virtual server with almost same facility and environment of a physical server.

It is like to buy a flat or apartment, If someone buy an apartment in a building, He is the owner of that apartment than he is responsible to maintenance or take care about the flat- keep cleaning, decorating, colouring, repairing if any damage etc.

VPS hosting is same, you have to maintain the server, you can enjoy the full facility but you have to pay more.


Some advantage and disadvantage also is there

  1. VPS hosting is an expensive hosting package, source, facility are more, pay also more.
  2. It will save your privacy, because you no need to share operating system (OS) with others.
  3. You will have an operating system with VPS hosting so you can customize operating system as per your mind.
  4. To handle VPS server you have to have the knowledge about how to operate it, there some server applications like- cPanel, PHP, Apache, MySQL and others.


3 . Reseller hosting: This is the great hosting package if you have an ambition to build a hosting business. It’s another platform to earn money online.

There is many local and international web hosting company offers reseller hosting package over the world.

If you take a reseller hosting package for your business, you will get a VPS/ Dedicated type server with full authority of control panel so that, you can make unlimited hosting offer with separate control panel to sell to your client.

Linux VPS with cPanel/WHM is the complete solution for your hosting business.

(WHM is a complete management system of reseller hosting business, It’s a plugin to setup payment gateway, Billing, hosting package create etc.)


There is a proverb “easy to say but difficult to do” in fact, every things is easy if you know that and a small thing can be difficult if you don`t know that.

Same reseller hosting business, you might have to know the technical terms about it, because you will have a number of clients after a time of starting your business, some time they will face technical problems and you have to solve.

However, as a business, Reseller hosting is reliable for new entrepreneurs, because you can start this business with a small amount of money, no presser to fill the monthly target.

Product will not spoil like consumer goods, and your business will increase day by day with developing your technical knowledge of others related fields.


Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting is the full concept of a server. If you take a dedicated server you can control it fully, no need to share with anybody.

You will get unlimited bandwidth, super speed, hundred present controlling, and no doubt about security.

But you have to have full technical knowledge to maintain a server. Its look like to buy a house, after buying a house you will take decision to rent other, to repair, decorating, and others.

If you have a dedicated hosting (server) you can provide share hosting to your clients, your site will never crash even vast amount of traffic together.

Dedicated hosting is that environment where your website will never be denied access to the resources and no tension to be down.

You have access to all the resources in the server so you are getting 100% 24/7 support and having facility to update regularly.

Here you will get a unique IP address and a costumed firewall system can build a strong access control policy in your server.

So, when and why you will take dedicated hosting (server)? If you have operating capability or you have technical knowledge of a server.

If you have one or more web site with hues traffic, if you have investment ability and experience for hosting business then you can take Dedicated Hosting.

It is not only expensive but you need to have good technical knowledge to operate it and related other software.


Cloud Hosting: It’s a special hosting environment where no any physical server but this hosting environment is to make including a number of server. In cloud hosting, no need to pay for a hosting package like- Shared, VPS or Dedicated Hosting, you have to pay according to your use.


All month you will use the cloud hosting, and end of the month bill will create on your total use of Bandwidth, Disc space and others resources.

There are some cloud hosting platform such as Amazon, Rockspace, windows Azure are the biggest cloud hosting service in the world.

So if you have the greatest website with hues traffic from various part of the world, cloud hosting is the smart solution for your business.

It will save your time and your site will get extraordinary availability in the web world.

There are some extra benefits of cloud hosting service-

* Cloud hosting is not depending on any specific server, so no tension about downtime and will get backup from another server.

* Available server resource such as disk space, RAM, Unlimited data storage but it is expensive little bit.

* You will be got a control panel from your provider to handle the cloud server; comparatively it is easy to control.


So at the last you have to select the hosting package which one is the perfect for your website. All hosting package are changeable, suppose you took shared hosting package for your website for the first time, then somehow your visitor increased then you can upgrade your hosting package like VPS or dedicated. This is the popular way to use hosting service. If you have business plane, Reseller hosting may perfect for you.

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