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21 May

Conversation between Client and Hosting Provider

Clients: “hello, is your server down? What happened with your server? Where is my site? Why my website down? Why I can`t find my website, is your server crazy? Could you check your server, I think there is something wrong!”


Hosting provider: “yes sir, no sir, let me check sir; I am taking care just now. After 10 minute, sir our server is pretty well, would you check your internet connection, or……….”

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Mentioned above dialogues are like arrows to throw to one to another among the client & hosting service provider every day, which happens in phone call.

There is another way of the battle field which is “ticket”. Whatever happens at the website, no patience, just open and open the ticket with a lot of complaint, blame and claim, so that, silently, one claim will generate like a weapons, which will support to the claimer to ensure the facility of up time guarantee, which mentioned in the terms and service to the website of hosting provider.

Same thing happens about here also, hosting provider company will check and after some time, they will send a response massage mentioning “our server is ok, please check your internet connection, or etc.” To avoid the website down time compensation they will bring the fence of huge terms and condition. Hosting user complain to providers and the providers deny that technically.

So this is not a positive culture to progress the service of the hosting industry. User and provider both should be more co-operative to fulfill our own need from hosting industry. We are required to know the basic knowledge about, what is server, how it work, why it get down, attitude of a website, is there any others reason of a website to get out of service without server trouble? Expect that, by getting the answer of above questions, we may create that environment among the hosting users and providers, where hosting service will be stronger to fill our hosting need 100%. Ok, let`s know the answer shortly of the precious questions.

What is server and how is it work?

In words, that is server, which serves something. But in the internet world, one server not only serves a huge amount of information to a single and multiple users but same amount of information stokes also same time. One server is same as like as a CPU, which we use as a desktop, but it produce with server environment such as, its hard disk, RAM, processor and every device produce with more strength. Every server has a unique IP of 11 numbers (000, 00,000,000) which provide by ARIN (American Register for Internet Number). Two category servers are there, such as- Linux server, windows server. Server location can be anywhere, US, UK, BD even in your bedroom.


Both are CPU above

habibbbbServer 2

Those are server, Looking distance is very few to see CPU and server.

To make usable to a server we need to setup some others virtual server and software, such as- mail server, web server, FTP server, Name server, MySQL data base, cPanel, WHMCS software and others software & plugins.

Hosting: When we build a house or building, we need to have or buy a land space, (any substance need space, weight, physics) and other facility we need to add, such as electricity, gas, water, internet connection and others. Same, one space and some others facilities are needed for a website to use it throw internet. Hosting is the adjustment of those facilities (name server, ftp server, mail server, web server, MySQL database, disk space, bandwidth, cPanel etc.) to make useful to a website.

There are different category of hosting depend on different facilities, such as- Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting and others.

When an user thinks his hosted server is down.

  1. Every hosting provider company uses fire wall security software, if there is any suspicious or hacker activities to a cPanel account, firewall will block the IP. So, sometime some users frequently try to log in to his cPanel with wrong ID or password and get blocked by firewall and think server is down.
  2. Wireless internet provider uses many IP for their customer. Suppose one IP is blocked by one user, unexpectedly another user get same IP and try to log in or browsing something, then he will get nothing. In the situation, someone can think, his hosted server is down.
  3. No one site is out of risk to be hacked. Virus or malware can destroy also a site. So nothing will be appear of attacked side. The website owner may think server is down.
  4. If there is any technical problem, such as if there is too much presser to MySQL database, the site will not response anybody.
  5. May be problem to your internet connection or the area, where you are living.
  6. May the site needs big hosting plan, but the owner host his website in small hosting package, if a lot visitor come together to a website and hosting plan is not able to serve, the site can hung.
  7. There are some others causes to get out of service to a website.


So, what to do?

There are some tasks to your hands to make sure that, the problem to your website or server. Such as

  1. Check the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Gmail. May there is notification from the hosting company`s update.
  2. Clean the history from your browser or restart your computer or Laptop.
  3. Disconnect your internet connection and retry, if the problem with dynamic IP that will change and you can find your site.
  4. What is the problem with your site, you can make sure by visiting or
  5. Before buying a hosting plane, think about your website category, possible traffic in the near future and choice perfect hosting package.
  6. If possible, call to the hosting company by phone and first tell them your domain name and explain your problem with a friendly manner.
  7. Don`t call again and again to create a presser on the support team. They need to check technical quarry not too much discussion. If you do this, downtime will increase; you may loss more valuable visitors.
  8. Check the company`s website and try to understand the service and support level.
  9. The modest manner is to open a support ticket, or you can send mail mentioning your details, if the company`s support is strong, they solve your issue and inform to you.

Don`t buy a low price hosting plane with free “quarreling package” for all the months. Try to read the terms and condition of a company before buying a hosting plan. If you need to know something about domain, hosting or website related technical issue, you can ask friendly. Co-operation is the main way to achieve the best successful hosting solution.

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