VPS Hosting: advantage disadvantage review

25 May

VPS Hosting: advantage and disadvantage review 

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) is an idea of strong web Hosting plan. It is an impersonator of a dedicated server, which creates with two characters, shared hosting plane and dedicated server.

It is more expensive than shared hosting and cheaper than dedicated server, but full test of a dedicated server. It is not a physical server, but a virtual server.


vps hosting

12 pis virtual monitor showing in the one physical monitor and those created by software (virtual box/VMware etc). Every virtual monitor is Independent virtual server. All virtual server are getting equal resource of physical/ Dedicated server.

Suppose, you are a owner of an IT FIRM, and too many work (typing, text editing, sending and response of mail, graphic design, etc. ) are gathering every day, which is not possible to finish for you alone.

So you need to appoint one personal assistant, if you appoint, then you are required to arrange some implements such as- Table, Chair, Laptop or Desktop and one space for a desk.

So, you have to invest to buy those implements and pay for the space, moreover monthly salary including food, residence allowance and others.

This way is totally expensive more than need. If you employs part time worker, same space and instrument will be needed.

But you need a full time worker to fill your need. What to do?

Take a virtual assistant, no need to invest for instrument or pay for space or any others allowances, just pay monthly salary for full time job and reduce your burden of works.

Same as like as virtual private server (vps). Shared hosting is not able to fill your need, which means you need something more than shared hosting.

But dedicated hosting is too expensive and bigger than your need, to buy a dedicated hosting you have to invest for hardware (RAM, Processor, Disk space, CPU etc.) and some time you have to expend for maintenance also.

But if you take a VPS, than you can save the extra expense. Just pay for the service and enjoy the same facility of a dedicated server. Here, no need to invest for any hard disk or maintenance fee.

How Virtual Private Server (VPS) works?

If we think, one physical machine = one server, here we can create more than one virtual server by the software (Virtual Box, VMware) in same machine, all source will be divided equally and created every virtual server will perform same.

The user will have full control on a virtual server which is not possible at shared hosting.

What is the advantage of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting?

  1. If you use shared hosting, sometime your site can be bad affected for the illegal activities of any other website user. But in VPS hosting, only your site will be hosted, so there no chance to be affected by the violence activities of others.
  2. The VPS operating system (cPanel, PHP and MySQL, Apache, disk space, bandwidth etc.) will be control 100% by the user, so you can customize your hosting plans as per your need.
  3. VPS hosting is cheaper than the dedicated server.
  4. It can serve your huge traffic. If you have one more website with big amount of visitor, vps hosting is the perfect for you.
  5. Your site will get super speed with VPS hosting, because Space, Bandwidth, Ram and all resource are available.
  6. Anytime you can upgrade your vps plane or leave, but you can’t leave dedicated server as like as vps.
  7. It will save your time, because you will control your server, if there is any problem or technical issue, you no need to wait for the help of hosting Provider Company, so your website will be available all the time to your visitor and downtime will reduce.

When and why you will take the VPS hosting plan?

To know the answer of the question, Check your mail address, Twitter, Facebook page, maybe there is notification to upgrade your hosting plane from your hosting provider company.

Observe your website every day, check the visitor amount as per day, and check your website loading time, if you see more than one thousand unique visitor and more than three thousands page view per day, or your website loading time more than 4/5 second, you may use VPS hosting.

However, VPS hosting is expensive than shared hosting, that`s why, before buying a VPS hosting plane, we should know that, there are some disadvantage of it. Such as-

  1. VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, so be clear about your need, don’t take a big hosting plane if you no need. Here security and facility are more so payment also more.
  2. You are required to have technical knowledge about Linux/Windows server maintenance and related software, if you don`t know to maintain the server may you have to pay more to maintain by other one.
  3. Here, you have to expend your time to monitor the security, solve the technical problem.

So there no doubt that, VPS hosting is more powerful hosting plane then shared hosting but make sure, it will be profitable or not that depend on your actual need.

You are required to have the knowledge of Linux server maintenance before upgrade your hosting plane into VPS. VPS hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting with almost same facility but expensive then shared hosting. Virtual Private server VPS advantage disadvantage review.

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