Shared Hosting: Advantages and Disadvantages

26 May

Shared Hosting is the most popular web hosting service among the internet user, especially who have website or website biased business. Shared Web Hosting has some Advantages and Disadvantages. I discussed here details about Shared Web Hosting.

Some of the users think, shared hosting is not a good choice to host a website and show the reason, it is a poor hosting package with limited resource, few bandwidths, narrow disk space, too much downtime, side load slowly etc. But we should mind that Shared Web Hosting has Advantages Disadvantages and we discussed here details.

To clear the concept, we need to discuss about “what is the hosting? What is Domain? And what is the relation between Domain and Hosting?”

Domain is a name with one or more words, (Google is a  domain with one word ) (two words) if domain name with more than one word, space will be removed and the domain name will be unique with small letter.

Hosting is a space in the internet (World Wide Web (www) where we put/host our website. So how much space is taking to host our website in the internet?

Suppose, a big building with 50 apartments and 50 parking spaces, where an apartment is enough for your bag and baggage , so will you pay for the whole building or more than one apartment?

If you have News site or big company and you need to publish many videos, audio, heavy graphic images, then you need more disk space.

No need more then 500mb disk space for personal or small business company. Even you can start your big company`s website with small shared hosting plane, because all hosting company have facility to promote hosting plane with free of costing.

Shared Hosting Measures

This is perfect Oil Can for you, because the Can has capability to hold six liter Oil and you have five liter Oil or less then six liter. You no need to buy or rent a bigger Oil Can. On the other hand,

Shared Hosting Compare

This Can is full of Oil, if you put more Oil ,then extra oil will go out of the Can to wast.

So, why will you pay for extra space?

Some users (new comers in the internet marketing) with poor hosting knowledge scream for unlimited bandwidth, this is a bogus and marketing trick, because we can’t see any hard disk with unlimited space in the market. This is not intellectual decision to pay for useless disk space.

Same question about bandwidth, how much bandwidths will you need? It will depend on the content and visitor amount, if there is more audio, video, image with more traffic than you need more bandwidth.

After all, if you have fewer than 1000 unique visitors and 3000 pages view per day and worldwide Alexa ranking around 100000, shared hosting is perfect for you.

Shared hosting is not blamable for slow loading of a website. If there is heavy image, video and others big regulation content in the page of your website, your site will load slowly. If your visitor`s internet speed slow, your site will open slowly to them.

Downtime is same for every web hosting packages of every company, because all most all company`s data center located in US, UK, Canada and those company`s infrastructure also same.

You can check the downtime of a hosting company, just wright your expected company`s domain name with the word of “downtime” in the Google search bar ( downtime).

Some others resources with every hosting plane, the hosting companies make their hosting package including others resource, and show that in the website, that`s not all!

If displayed hosting plane is not appropriate for you, propose them for customize package.

If your hosted server is over loaded, your website will be slow to load to your visitor, you may ask to the company about their server is over loaded or not.

Suppose one server with 8 core and it’s average load 7,8 or more than this, the server will be overloaded and if your website host in this type server, your site will take long time to be load.

You also may check throw your c-panel, but make sure that, they have money back guarantee.

Check the details about the hosting company, are they professional service holder?

How long their experience to provide this services?

Do they have any physical office (company) or organization?

If they don`t have mature level working experience and virtual office, don`t expect excellent service from them.

Don’t seek cheap hosting all the time, offer also not fruitful sometime, there nothing free, cheap, offer!

All of this are marketing policy, you have to pay for the quality and security now or then.

Shared hosting advantages:

I am not saying, shared hosting is the king among the hosting, but huge popular over the website user in the internet of the world.

If you are new website holder,there on other the best hosting solution but shared hosting. I can show you some excellent benefit to use shared hosting.

  1. It’s a flexible hosting package. You no need to pay more, just chose shared hosting package, utilize properly and pay a little amount.
  2. You no need to have any headache to maintain any server, to solve any technical issue, hardware, software, setup-backup, etc. That`s why, 90% website are hosted in shared web hosting.
  3. Shared web hosting save your time and money, and make you free from any tension, so that you can concentrate more on your business.
  4. A little money is related with this package, so, after using a time, if you don`t satisfied about the service, change the company or provider, you can also upgrade your hosting plane.
  5. All the provider of the shared hosting will make the service into the easy system, so that you can handle it easily.

Shared Hosting Disadvantages:

On the other hand, there is some discussion about shared hosting plane which is not positive. Such as- If you have a lot of content of video, audio, heavy image of high regulation and massive page view with a great deal of unique visitor, you can think some others package of hosting.

But this is not a bad side of shared hosting, there are different hosting plane for different website.

One site can be disturbed by another site`s violence of the server rules. That`s why, when you buy shared hosting plane check the others condition about the company. Such as- quality of website, they are professional or not, age of the company, server capacity, after all, how strong and first their support?

If all is OK, then buy the service, otherwise not.

Limited resource is another blame about shared hosting, so, before blaming try to understand, how much resource is needed to handle your website? Don`t puzzle your eyes with marketing tricks.

If you don’t compromise with quality service and security you need to pay more, if there is free, offer or fewer prices, please check that intelligently, where is the gap inside? We try to discus about Shared Web Hosting Advantages Disadvantages Details, Now make decision wisely.

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