How to choose the best web hosting?

19 May

Domain and hosting dependent one with another. Domain has no value without hosting, and hosting is also the same.

It looks like a car. One car has no wheel and there is wheel of car without body, you can`t go anywhere by this kinds of car.
Its important to select perfect domain and hosting packages for your personal or business website.


There are too many local and international company to provide the service but every company is not trusted for the best service.

To select the best service provider and the proper Domain & hosting package, you may follow the instructions bellow.


How to choose the best web hosting?

To choice it perfectly, we may take care about some general part of hosting, such as- disk space, bandwidth, support statistics of the hosting provider company, Up-time guarantee, Money back guarantee, Company`s total figure and ability, Upgrade facility and others.

Don`t seek low price hosting packages, you may get a lot disk space and bandwidth with low price.

But other facility can be poor. It may suffer from down time, site slow loading, service from over loaded server etc.

Sometime offer is there, that is different but checks it wisely.

All most all newbies think they have to have unlimited disk space and bandwidth for their website, which is wrong concept.

Most of the time we see, 100 to 500 MB, maximum one GB disk space is enough for personal website, blog type site or small business/company`s websites.

But they buy 10 GB to 100 GB, so they use some MB and paying for too much GB.

Don`t do this; take a small package of hosting for the first time and upgrade it depending on your need.

Same suggestion for bandwidth, no need unlimited, take it as per your need, if you have a lot of image, video, graphic with huge visitor to your website then you need more bandwidth.

Try to check out the support ability of your hosting company, if you face any technical problem, or down your server, how quickly they can support you.

If they delay, you may lose your valuable traffic from your site.

Another problem is that, every hosting company promise to give 99.9% up-time guarantee, you have to find out that,

* Check out the age of the company. If they have service experience of long time, you may expect quality service from them.

* Try to understand the quality of website of hosting company is it looking professional or not.

* Check the review of company`s users.

* Check the infrastructure of the hosting company, which kinds of software are using to conduct their business, is it updated, strong or not? legal or illegal?

* Virtually, there are many vendors in local, international or online to sell domain hosting package. They don`t have physical office or organization, don`t like them, find out established company for your hosting.

There are more things to consider getting the best up time guaranteed company, hope that, if you check mentioned criteria to find the best up time hosting company, you may get.

Why up time guarantee is very important?

Suppose, you have a website to sell or showing something and you are sending traffic there.

But your site is down, so visitor will get nothing.

Too much Down time also can make trouble with search engine.

Check out the terms and condition of the company before buying a hosting bundle, ask them about the limitation of usage.

Think that, how useful the hosting package to fulfill your need.

There are some others technical issue to know such as- if you make your site with you will need Windows Hosting not Linux, server core, server overloading, what is the impact of overloaded server? Try to know about those will make you advance.


How to buy the best Domain?

Some word is familiar, easy to spell and comfortable to remember, choice that kinds of words for your Domain name.

That will be friendly for your Domain to be the brand.

Ask your provider to get full control panel for your domain, it is mandatory.

It can be hack your website in the future, If you don`t have the full control of your domain.

There are domain- .com, .net, .org, .info and others. .com is the best popular domain name in the world.

So we should chose .com domain name with one word (if available) and few characters.

Take the word with unique pronunciation and spelling so that it will not be contradicted with any branded company.

Don`t seek free or less price domain name, mind it, you have to pay for quality and security.

There are something wrong at the end of the “free” or “less price” next you will be required to pay again and more.

Wish you get the best Domain and Hosting for your website. Thank you.

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